My favorite business books

It's incredibly interesting to read the history of an industry or stories of an individual and it often gives me ideas. While some of the books on this page are commonly recommended, most of them I think are not so easy to stumble on.

That said, most of them also have audiobook versions since that is my preferred way to read long books.

For the most part I've omitted books that I've rated lower than a 3/5 review. The page is limited to books I've read since 2016 when I started keeping track.






† The only reason this is rated so poorly is because the book is written backwards. Realistically it's probably a 3 or 4 out of 5 but the structure made me angry.

†† I'm a little suspicious of my review to be honest. Too many of these books written by the founder about their own company are quite the coolaid trip. I'll give myself a little credit and not drop this one from this page like I did the Starbucks book.